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Vacuum Oil Filter suppliers

Postautor: g34dfsd » 17 mar 2020, 2:50

The large vacuum oil filter is suitable for 25# transformer oil, which is an integrated system. It includes crude oil unloading (using oil filter unloading) and storage, crude oil processing, net oil storage and oil injection, product oil return, product vacuum tank oiling, and automatic control. The oil system unloading and oiling uses a turbine flow meter to achieve precise oil unloading and precise oil filling. According to the actual measured oil quantity, accurate trade trading and cost accounting are carried out to reduce production costs. Through the establishment of the system, the management of transformer oil procurement, transformer oil treatment, and transformer oil injection is more rationalized and systematic, thus obtaining greater economic and social benefits. Set up oil depot area, crude oil tank, return tank, net oil tank, oil filter, etc. After the test, the new oil transported by the tanker can be pumped into the crude oil tank through the oil filter machine for processing; the oil pump is provided with a coarse filter for the protection of the oil discharge pump. The inlet is provided with a flow meter for recording the amount of oil input, and the data is input to the control center;The unloading pump uses a high-precision flowmeter to display the instantaneous flow rate and cumulative flow rate of the oil in real time. When the oil is quickly discharged, the oil inlet pump is automatically closed to prevent the pump from running idle when there is no oil; the crude oil tank can display the oil tank. The real-time liquid level and the liquid level protection are set. When the oil in the crude oil tank reaches the upper level float of the oil tank, the oil inlet pump will automatically shut down and stop the oil. The oil in the oil return tank can be pumped into the clean oil tank through the oil filter; the oil in the net oil tank can be self-circulating;Crude oil to net oil tank: By configuring the remote control valve to open and stop, the crude oil is processed by the oil filter and sent back to the net oil tank. When different pneumatic valves are opened, the associated pipe will roll; the rolling state of the pipe can visually show the passage of the oil flow. This interface can display the operating parameters of the oil filter. The oil level can be displayed on each tank. Each tank is equipped with high and low level protection and alarm reminder. Net tank self-circulation: This process remotely controls the opening and stopping of different pneumatic valves after each manual valve is opened, observing the oil treatment situation, and also according to the liquid level and temperature display on each tank, the oil filter display The parameters determine the state of the oil. When different pneumatic valves are opened, the associated pipe will roll;The rolling state of the pipe can visually show the passage of the oil flow. Each tank is equipped with high and low level protection and alarm reminders. And the change in the color of the tank represents a different level of liquid. The oil pump of the system meets the needs of the production process and guarantees the production demand. When the oil filling system is working, the transformer oil of the oil pipeline and the oil return pipeline is always in an automatic cycle state. Independently circulating oil pipeline, the transformer can be oiled at any time, and the high precision flowmeter (accuracy 0.2%) controls the oil inlet. The pneumatic V-shaped ball valve and the float liquid level control switch cooperate with the oil filling work of the transformer independently, and the speed and total amount of oil filling can be preset by the computer. There is an oil alarm device at the bottom of the oil filling tank and an oil drain port. Each system is equipped with a circulating power pump, pressure sensor, oil filling point, filter and piping and valves; the treated oil is placed in the net tank for oil filling. The position of the oil filling point in the workshop is set to control the cabinet. The circulating pump can be operated locally to observe the liquid level in the net tank. The oil filling step: observe the liquid level in the net tank through the local display, and open the relevant pneumatic switching valve. Circulate the pipe pressure and start the circulation pump. The tooling connection is made to the transformer, the oil filling flow is set, the stopping flow rate is set, and the oil filling is started; when the liquid level reaches the float point of the tooling, the valve is automatically closed; the control features: setting the oiling pressure, setting the oiling speed, and adopting the frequency conversion speed regulation to ensure the Pressure oiling stability. Set the heater to ensure the oil filling temperature; set the filter to ensure the clarity of the oil injected into the product.Vacuum Oil Filter suppliers
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